Suzi Cairns

Giving a voice to the women of the Lambourn Valley
Once Upon a Time . . .


One of the much overlooked, and extraordinary, facts about the human race, is that every single individual has a unique story. It is only as these tales merge, like some 7 billion piece jigsaw, that communities are born and civilisations are created.


Knock Knock attempts to take a peek into the extraordinary stories of women who live in the Lambourn Valley, to get a snapshot of 21st Century rural West Berkshire, through a woman’s eyes. Suzi Cairns discovers a vibrant tapestry, with diverse and colourful characters by listening to their words and  their choice of music.



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4LEGs-radio_colour_400px yellow writing.
4 Legs Community Radio


On April 13 2018, one man's vision of bringing an internet radio station to the Lambourn Valley came to fruition. Broadcasting just one day a week, 4Legs was designed to represent all aspects of life in the Lambourn Valley, with an eclectic mix of music, entertainment and chat from across this area of rural West Berkshire. 

'Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns' was first broadcast on launch day, introducing the founder and architect of the project, Chris Capel. Subsequently, it has been Suzi's mission to give a voice to the women of the Lambourn Valley in a series of in-depth interviews.