The Knock Knock


Suzi J Cairns Interviewer

Published author, artist, poet and copywriter, Suzi achieved a Combined Arts degree from Reading University  in English Literature, Cinema and Theatre followed by a PGCE in Drama, and has been on the catherine wheel of creativity ever since.


Words are her allies, she has earned her living from them and they continue to intrigue her, although many would argue she often has too many of them!

Passionate about people and the natural world


Joining 4Legs Radio, felt like an opportunity to serve the community in the best way she was able, and she hopes that it will prove to be the valuable resource in the Lambourn Valley as its founder intended

See Suzi's international poetry project here:

Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns - M.Turauskis, P.Hancock, D.Maggs
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Danny Lee  


I'm Danny Lee, 24, originally from Torquay, Devon. In 2001, my family decided to move away from the area  and have been living in Great Shefford ever since.


 I've been developing skills in music production over the last 7 years from sound design to mastering & recording; all self-taught. Twisting those developed skills, it's great to collaborate with Suzi to deliver a weekly show for the Lambourn Valley. I have worked on various projects & collabs in the past, and have big plans for the future too, all which is exciting to say the least.


Click on image below to view all my current work

Danny left for pastures new in 2018, and since Suzi edits all shows herself



Here is Danny Lee's Fabulous compilation of sounds in the Lambourn Valley:

Lambourn Valley - Danny Lee
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4LEGs-radio_colour_400px yellow writing.
4 Legs Community Radio


On April 13 2018, one man's vision of bringing an internet radio station to the Lambourn Valley came to fruition. Broadcasting just one day a week, 4Legs was designed to represent all aspects of life in the Lambourn Valley, with an eclectic mix of music, entertainment and chat from across this area of rural West Berkshire. 

'Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns' was first broadcast on launch day, introducing the founder and architect of the project, Chris Capel. Subsequently, it has been Suzi's mission to give a voice to the women of the Lambourn Valley in a series of in-depth interviews.