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Words and Music

Every single person on this revolving sphere has a unique story to tell


However, in this increasingly frantic world of ours, these tales often go unrecognised and unheard. This is a catastrophe when it comes to building communities, as neighbours, even in small rural environments, are often unaware of what their neighbours do, and more importantly who their neighbours really are.


By recording interviews of women in the Lambourn Valley (which includes the villages of Eastbury, East Garston, Great Shefford as well as Lambourn itself), Suzi Cairns hopes to join up some of the jigsaw pieces and flesh out a picture of a thriving and vibrant rural economy in an extraordinarily beautiful part of rural West Berkshire.


Although famed for its links with the horse racing world, Suzi uncovers the immense diversity that exists in the valley, with a particular focus on the journeys that women have undertaken to call this place home.


Alongside the in-depth interviews, Suzi asks her guests to choose four records that represent them, which reveal yet another layer of their character, and to nominate their favourite place in the valley.


Each woman’s story weaves yet another piece of the fabulous tapestry of rural life, and we are immensely grateful for their bravery and time to be recorded in this way.

Meanwhile, Click on any of the photographs, and discover each interview in full for yourself.


WARNING : One is never enough, these stories are addictive 

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Children's Story Competition Special Edition


Holly & Ivy Christmas  Story Special

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