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You, Me &
A Cup  Of  Tea

Your story is totally unique 

There are over 7 billion human beings who inhabit this extraordinary planet, and each and every one of them has a story to tell that is unlike any other.

When I first approached women to appear on Knock Knock, each of them, without exception, would remonstrate that they had nothing special to reveal. However, again without exception, as  their tale unravelled it was as compelling and as rich as any novel.

The pride and joy that my guests, and their loved ones, experienced when they heard their recording was uplifting and moving to both sides and  what is more, extraordinarily precious as a record of their life in their own words - A LEGACY .

Subsequently, it became apparent to me, that this was something that I could offer to a wider audience, not only across the country, but indeed across the globe at a cost of only £190.

How it works

History in the making

So few of us record our stories for posterity and yet each and every one of us has a unique, and fascinating, journey through this funny old thing called life.

So engrossed are we in the hustle and bustle of our busy 21st century lives, that the time to chat and communicate, even with our nearest and dearest, has simply vanished.

Families are separated geographically and perhaps only meet up sporadically, and life stories fall  into the gaps in-between.

This is the chance for you, or a friend, or family member to record your story with Suzi in exactly the same format as she uses in her show Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns.


All that is required of you is an hour of your time a Skype account and I will do the rest.

Due to the wonders of technology, I am now able to record these interviews remotely and edit my chat with you into a professional recording that you and your family have forever. 


These recordings are for your personal use, they will NOT appear on any public broadcast or platform.

This is an opportunity for men or women, old or young, anywhere in the world, to mark their place in history with their own story, their own footprint.

You can tell your tale, in your own voice, with your own words and I will simply guide you gently and respectfully through the landscape of your past.

We can meander through your journey at a pace that suits you knowing that this is all about you and your own very special life.

His story or her story, this is your story to tell











When Suzi asked me about doing the 4 legs radio interview I was very dubious - how wrong was I! This I can truly say was one of the best things I have done, she is a great listener and just made me feel so at home . It was a real trip down memory lane and so much fun going over parts of my life that, on a daily basis, you forget about. I  have recommended this experience to my friends as life goes by too quickly.

R. Scanlon

Can’t recommend Suzi, highly enough. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by her and it’s a wonderful memory I can pass to my children. Thank you Suzi 


Suzi somehow managed to calm my nerves & extract details of my life I had forgotten! She interviews with compassion and great integrity. My family loved it! 


I was made to feel at ease, safe and interesting. I am delighted with the end result. Thank you Suzi


Suzi takes your personal journey and keeps it in a safe place, she carefully removes the layers to find the truth.


I enjoyed talking to Suzi about my life. She made me feel very relaxed which helped as it was  my first radio interview.


Suzi was very easy to talk to, friendly and made the conversation very relaxed. It was great for my friends and family to hear the recording and made them emotional at times but they all loved it. 


Suzi has a very special talent of putting you at ease whilst really encouraging you to open up and share. your life experiences


 I was out of my comfort zone but Suzi quickly put me at ease. She asked sensitive and appropriate questions and the whole experience turned out to be fun and a wonderful opportunity to tell my story. The feedback has been really positive and I am so glad I did it and I highly recommend it.



I would recommend Suzi to anyone, without reservation for her careful preparation, engaging manner, and attention to detail. An ability to put you at your ease along with a professional approach led to a great conversation and helped introduce the village to their new priest! It was a pleasure to work with her – and a really enjoyable experience.

Rev. J. Mintern

Suzi was very welcoming and made me feel really comfortable during our interview. She knows just the right questions to ask.

L. Nimms

What’s not to like about talking about yourself for an hour with a receptive audience?! This isn’t an indulgence I’d normally allow myself but Suzi’s encouragement made for a very enjoyable experience

K. Marks

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